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Rideye Has Your Back

Riding a bike will always be the best way to commute and explore. But every time we strap on our helmets, we accept that cycling is a dangerous activity.

If you ride where there are cars, incidents are an unfortunate certainty.  Rideye protects you from false claims and shows what happened when you can't.




Rideye Remembers Everything


Rideye records continuously and saves the last 2.5 hours of video (10 hours for Rideye HC). In the event of an incident, a single press of the button stops recording and saves the file. If you can't do it yourself, Rideye's BlackBox sensor will do it for you when it detects a crash. With an ultra wide-angle lens and HD video quality, every detail is captured.


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Precisely Engineered

Rideye is unlike anything you've ever seen, and its design reflects that. We start with precision machined aircraft-grade aluminum and hard-anodize it for a brilliant, durable finish. The Lexan inlays are laser cut to a precise, water resistant fit, and sealed with an Armadillo scratch-resistant coating. Every part is manufactured without compromise.

Rideye looks beautiful on your bike. And it's built to last.


Charge It Once A Month

Rideye uses state of the art lithium cells and efficient power management to achieve an impressive battery life of 24 hours.

Even if your daily commute is an hour long, Rideye will finish the month with charge to spare.